MId-Century Modern with original shades. Cool design. Circa 1950's 28"H x 18"W

Price: $365/Pair


1960's Double Head Desk Lamp with Spun Fiberglass Heads. 16.5'H x 15"W

Price: $85

Mid-Century Danish Modern Design Walnut & Brass trimmed pair of lamps with custom made shades. 37"H x 17"W

Price: $695/Pair

1950's Sputnik Table Lamp. Original Shade. 24"H x 14" W. Small dent in base. Price: $195

1960's Table lamp with original Shade. 29.5"H x 17.5"W

Price: $175

Mid-Century Table Lamp. Orange ceramic base with Original Shade w/small stain near top. Circa 1960's 35"H x 12.5"W Price $185

Words cannot describe.

Mid-Century Table Lamp. Spun fiberglass heads. 34"H x 22"W Circa 1960's

Price $485